If you are a mom like me, who doesn’t want to feel high but relax, who doesn’t like to smoke but enjoy good food, CBD oil is what you should be looking for. It could be taken orally with a syringe, as an ointment with a nice massage, or as a healthy food gourmet!

I hope you like the video below and enjoy how this mom feels proud of her son when trying CBD for the first time. Also, it is interesting to see the two business partners’ reaction, one high with THC and the other calm with CBD. CBD oil, other than making you a better mom, it will relief severe ailments like the one the mom mentioned.

Although cannabis is legal in Canada, CBD oil is still limited and expensive. It is only sold through a licensed cannabis producer to a person who has a doctor’s note. So you could visit one of these clinics to be a medical cannabis user and buy CBD oil in Canada. You could also make it yourself for personal use by using our Cannaoil recipe.

As of now, in Canada, you can make cannabis-infused food at home but it is illegal for anyone to buy and or sell them to the public.

Warning: Edibles take 1-2 hours to feel the effect and increase the potency of THC, so start with low % of THC or equal % of CBD.
Happy Mother’s Day and Bong Appétit!!