Cannabis Women Lifestyle Experience

Women are discovering cannabis as an enhancement to physical activities, medical treatments, and mental health. Let’s break the stigma of cannabis together and talk about it!

Ideal for women open to alternative, natural medicine who want to know more about how cannabis improves healing and overall wellbeing.

Also for women seeking relief – for themselves and their loved ones – from pain, anxiety, nausea and sleep problems without pharmaceutical side effects.

It is our goal to foster a community of women who have a passion for improving their health by providing them with the right information.





Health & Beauty


Coming Soon! Cannabis Health Track App

This app will allow women to log their experiences when consuming cannabis, leading to better results.

Relief medical conditions and mental disorders without all the drugs harsh side effects.

Increase fitness exercise, libido and weight loss

Improve daily activities, creativity and well being.
“Cannabis, along with meditation and exercise, is one of the best ways to relieve stress and maximize creativity while reducing overwhelm and stress.”

Alexa Divett, Business Coach
“We’re often so busy caring for everyone else, we forget to take care of ourselves. Cannabis helps me slow down my thoughts, tune into my body, and inspires me to remember the importance of self-love.”

Jessie Gill, Owner of Marijuana Mommy
“I used my long work hours as an excuse not to make myself a priority. My health declined and I began to feel depressed. Yoga and marijuana helped me unplug and reconnect with the God above and the God within me.”

Joy Victoria Clarke, Owner of Mahogany Mary