When consuming CBD oil, I do housework, I run my company, and I am more patient with my children. It helps me now to be a better mother and a better person.

After loosing my husband in a car accident, the inevitable happened; I lost my job. Lately, I have been  diagnosed with ADHD and menopause. As a single 55 year old mom with 3 teenagers living at home, life became easier after Justin Trudeau legalized cannabis in Canada. It was not until then, that I was able to find more information and tell my doctor that CBD oil could help me with my change of moods.

CBD oil was the miracle natural medication as an alternative for pharmaceutical pills. Now, I am able to get up out of bed energized to complete tasks/chores, make meals, or commute to work. The most important part is to be relaxed, have patience with your kids and to enjoy quality time. Furthermore, CBD oil takes the pain away from aging, working out at the gym or practicing any sport. It will relax you  when doing yoga or meditation allowing you to focus on yourself..

CBD oil with less than 0.30% of THC  is considered a hemp product and legal everywhere around the world.

As well, don’t forget about the warnings for second hand smoke (see other methods of use) for children, pregnant or breast feeding moms. Studies on smoking cannabis provide negative characteristics for the development of the central nervous system and immune system on the fetus and small children.

Read more at the CTV News article.

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