Ardent Nova Lift Decarboxylator


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One-touch system to effortlessly and odorless decarb flowers, pollen or extracts.

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The Ardent Nova Lift is an easy-to-use, in-home decarboxylator that activates all of the compounds found in dry herb.

Stealthy and discreet – Employing precision decarbing, this small, powerful device prepares your material without burning it.
Easy to use – Equipped with a one-button control, the Nova Lift is fill the chamber with dry herb, replace the lid, and push the button to begin.
Fully Activated – The high-grade metal chamber holds one to two ounces of dry herb. The whole process takes about two hours, and once complete, the button will simply glow green.
Quiet & Odorless – Once activated, you can either sprinkle the dry herb onto your food or load it back into the Nova Lift for a second cycle to make infused butter and oil.

  • Activates Concentrate & Dry Herb Compounds
  • Decarbs In 2 Hours
  • Infuses Butter & Oil
  • Holds 1-2 Oz Of Material
  • Single-Button Operation
  • Dual Sensors & High-Grade Thermal Heating Core
  • Quiet & Odorless
  • Discreet Design

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1 Nova Lift Decarboxylator

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