Ardent Nova Concentrate & Infusion Sleeve


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A Specially Designed Silicone Sleeve For Your Nova Lift!

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The silicone sleeve has been specially designed to fit perfectly into the Nova’s inner canister and give it a full silicone lining.

This FDA approved, food-grade and BPA-free silicone sleeve makes decarbing concentrates and infusing even easier. Make more of your infused oils at a time or use it during decarb.

*Nova Lift sold separately

What's in the box

1 Silicone Concentrate and Infusion Sleeve

Step-By-Step Instructions

  1. Choose your materials. Make sure you know the THC content of your starting material (flower, concentrates, or extractions will all work) so you can determine the strength of your infusion. Pick your extraction oil with consideration to what you plan to use it for. Certain oils are better for ingesting, while others work better for beauty products.
  2. Decarboxylate your flower in the Nova, using the Concentrate and Infusion Sleeve for kief and concentrates.
  3. With the Nova upright, slide the Concentrate and Infusion Sleeve into the inner canister. Combine the oil and decarbed flower and/or concentrate and mix.
  4. Run the Nova for a second cycle to infuse.
  5. Once the infusion cycle is complete, remove the inner canister, or just the sleeve, mix and strain the oil.
    The infused oil is now ready to use!

Video How-To

Infusion Guide


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