Project Description

Tetrahydrocannabivarin (THCV) is like THC’s propyl cannabinoid cousin. Their chemical structure is nearly identical, but the process involved in their creation is slightly different. It differs from THC having a propyl (3-carbon) side chain instead of a pentyl (5-carbon) group on the molecule, which makes it produce very different effects from THC.

It is a minor cannabinoid found in only some strains of cannabis. It acts as an antagonist at the CB1 receptor and a partial agonist at the CB2 receptor.

THCV is a new potential treatment against obesity-associated glucose intolerance. GW Pharmaceuticals is studying THCV (as GWP42004) for type 2 diabetes in addition to metformin.


  • Reduces panic attacks.
  • Anti-Epileptic – Reduces seizures and convulsions.
  • Appetite suppressant – Promotes weight loss.
  • Mitigate diabetes – Regulates blood sugar levels.
  • Anti-Inflammatory – Reduces inflammation systemically.
  • Promotes bone growth.
  • Reduces vomiting and nausea.
  • Analgesic Relieves pain.
  • Assist in treating Parkinson’s Disease.

High THCV Strains

  • Sativa dominant strains