Fear of interacting with people that bring on feelings of being judged negatively. Meeting other people makes you feel self-conscious and ultimately, you elect to avoid dealing with others. As a result, you become isolated and alone. You also feel inferior, inadequate and embarrassed.

Cannabis Benefits

It is a terrible feeling to believe that the world is against you and it prevents you from living life to the full.

Like any other treatment, it is a combination of medication and therapy techniques:

1. An understanding and awareness of the problem

2. A commitment to carry through with cognitive-behavioral therapy even when it is repetitious and seems difficult

3. Practice, practice, practice to get that information (i.e., cognitive methods, strategies, and concepts) deep down into your brain – so that these cognitive methods become habitual and automatic

4. Consult with a Cannabis doctor to prescribe you the strain capable of helping you fight back against social anxiety and perhaps help you make new friends as well as keeping old ones.

Best Strains

  • The ideal would have a significant quantity of CBD and low levels of THC, which has been shown to induce anxiety and panic
  • Safe access to marijuana varieties with this combination of concentrations would allow for the beneficial effects without the potential drawbacks

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