Cannabis oils are extracts from cannabis plants. Unprocessed, they contain the same 100 or so active ingredients as the plants, but the balance of compounds depends on the specific plants the oil comes from. Oil extracted from hemp plants can contain a lot of CBD, while oil from skunk plants will contain far more THC. THC produces the high that recreational cannabis users seek, while oils for medical use contain mostly CBD.

They are available in dropper bottle form for sublingual use, capsules for discreet ingestion and inhale using vaporizers.


  • Concentrations of CBD and THC tend to be well-controlled, which makes it easy to calculate doses
  • Provides longer-lasting effects than inhaled or edibles
  • Rapid relief
  • Non-carcinogenic
  • Very discreet
  • No odor


  • High Cost
  • Unpleasant taste

What Women Say

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